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Fikri Mülkiyet

From the printing press to the digital revolution, mankind has been inclined to innovate first and plan later. It goes without saying that in the modern world, technology develops faster than the law. Cell phones and high-tech computers are everyday examples of technologies that have grown beyond their support structures. From aviation to biotech, from telecom to retail, healthcare to hospitality our expertise can help you develop, maintain and secure your intellectual property rights.

Today's competitive environment mandates care and caution in everything you do. In the globalized economy where accelerated product development is the norm, developing, managing and positively maintaining your intellectual property portfolio is critical. Whether you're protecting a new idea or involved in a multi-jurisdictional dispute, you need advisers who can help with all facets of intellectual property law. Our intellectual property practice gives you access to a streamlined service from some of the world's top intellectual property practitioners. We're known for our pragmatic, common-sense approach.

Our intellectual property practice is very diverse, both in terms of clients and the range of legal services provided. We have skilled lawyers, technology experts, and specialist teams to take great care of your intellectual property assets. STA has a specialised intellectual property practice and our attorneys can assist you on wide range of matters including management of intellectual property portfolio, register your trademarks in Dubai and rest of UAE, patent registration in Dubai and the UAE, trademark infringement and enforcement procedures. Our team can assist you right from trademark search, licensing, trademark registration, trademark prosecution and assignment matters in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and across the GCC. STA’s intellectual practice currently covers over 180 countries worldwide. Contact one of our trademark attorneys today.

We combine the skills of our commercial and litigation intellectual property lawyers with those of our integrated patent & trade marks attorneys allowing us to offer a comprehensive intellectual property service. Our ability to provide seamless advice for the creation, commercialization, management, protection and enforcement of our clients' intellectual property rights sets us apart from our competitors.

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